Bootstrap is a front-end web development framework that includes both HTML and CSS. On the other hand, CSS is a stylesheet language describing how a document written in a markup language should look and be formatted. In other words, CSS is used to style and control the look of the content on a web page, while Bootstrap is a framework that provides a set of pre-designed components and tools for building responsive, mobile-first websites and web applications.

Full-FormCascading Style Sheet is what CSS stands for.There is no full form for Bootstrap.
Developed ByHakon Wium Lie, Bert Bos, and the World Wide Web on December 17, 1996, made CSS.Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton worked at Twitter in 2011 to make Bootstrap.
UsesCSS is a language for style sheets used to change the look of web pages.Bootstrap is a JavaScript and CSS code library that makes websites work well on mobile devices.
TagsIt is made up of selectors and blocks that say what to do.Websites don’t have to use Bootstrap tags.
FlexibleCSS is more complicated than Bootstrap because it doesn’t have a class and design setup.Bootstrap is not flexible as HTML and CSS.
FrameworkCSS is not a building block.Bootstrap is a free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework.
ExistenceWeb pages can exist even without CSS.Web pages can exist even without Bootstrap.
Latest VersionIt is working on CSS3, the most recent version of CSS.Bootstrap’s latest version is Bootstrap v5.2.

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