What is difference between Boot and Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is not the same thing as Boot. Boot is the process of turning on a computer, and Bootstrap is a front-end framework for making websites and web apps.

Booting up a computer is loading the operating system and other programs into memory and making them ready to use. Some people also call this process “booting up” or “booting the system.”

On the other hand, Bootstrap is a front-end framework used to build websites and web apps. It gives you a set of buttons, forms, and layout templates that have already been designed and coded. These can be easily added to a website or web application. This makes it easier for developers to create web interfaces that are consistent, responsive, and easy to use without having to start over.

In short, Boot is the process of turning on a computer, and Bootstrap is a way to build web interfaces.

See why programmers still use Bootstrap.

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