Yes, Professional web developer uses Bootstrap. They also use the tools and frameworks that make the most sense for the project they are working on.

Front-end developers usually think that bootstrap is the best way to code a website. Bootstrap is usually just a means to an end when you look at the whole project, including time, resources, developer skill levels, etc…

From what I’ve seen, most web developers try to keep their projects as simple as possible by importing code from other sites when they can. In some cases, this might mean they will use a smaller CSS library, like tailwind or blaze, that comes with the framework.

When considering whether web developers use Bootstrap or not, you should think about where the question came from. The word of the question makes it sound like Bootstrap is either not good enough for a web developer to do their job or is a cookie-cutter way to build a website.

Bootstrap can quickly make a simple user interface that works (but may look like many other websites) if the developer uses the default settings with Bootstrap.

Suppose you think of Bootstrap as a design system instead of a CSS library (especially since Bootstrap is both Javascript and CSS). In that case, you can start to customize it the same way you would any other system: by configuring it.

Bootstrap has many options that the developer can set to make the style and behaviour more like what the developer wants.

You can add your CSS at the end to override anything from Bootstrap if you can’t find a preset option that you can change to fit your needs.

Websites made with Bootstrap

Originally posted 2022-12-14 05:22:14.